Chrome Will Remove Padlock From Address Bar, But For A Good Reason

Google Chrome will remove the padlock icon from the address bar starting in version 99. This change aims to simplify the user interface and make it clearer when a website is secure or not.

Currently, when a website is secure, a padlock icon is displayed in the address bar next to the website address. However, this icon is often overlooked or misunderstood by users. Therefore, Google decided to remove it and replace it with a simpler visual cue.

Starting in Chrome 99, a green background will be displayed in the address bar for secure websites. This new visual cue is intended to be more noticeable and make it easier for users to identify when a website is secure.

In addition to the green background, Google Chrome will also display a warning message for websites that are not secure. This message will appear in red and will be more prominent than the green background for secure websites.

This change will be gradually implemented in Chrome 99 and will be fully deployed in later versions of the browser. It is worth noting that other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, already use similar visual cues to indicate whether a website is secure or not.

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