Realme XT The Next Flagship Phone from Realme

Realme XT is the latest phone from the company that boasts a 64MP quad-camera setup and super AMOLED display. Here are some of the key features of Realme XT The Next Flagship Phone from Realme, you must know before buying it.

Key Highlights Of Realme XT The Next Flagship Phone from Realme :

Realme XT price starts at Rs 15,999 only.
It sports a 64MP quad-camera setup and super AMOLED display.
The smartphone offers great value for money.
The device is sold exclusively on the company’s website on sale days.
The smartphone features a Latest In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Realme XT is the latest smartphone from the Realme company. Recently Realme has been quite aggressive in bringing new phones to the country this year. The company has launched three quad-camera phones Within a short span of one month.

These three quad-camera phones the Realme 5, Realme 5 Pro and the recently launched Realme XT. The Realme XT is the company’s first 64MP quad-camera phone and also the first phone to offer this type of camera setup in India.

We recently reviewed the Realme XT and found it a great addition to Realme’s current lineup of phones. With a starting price of Rs 15,999 only, the Realme XT offers a combination of high-end features. All its features make it look better even in comparison to the Realme X, which the company considers its flagship model.

Here’s a guide of some important features of Realme XT The Next Flagship Phone from Realme that you need to know about before you buy the smartphone.

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1. Flagship-level 64MP Quad Camera :

The smartphone features a 64MP ultra-high-resolution sensor and the highest-resolution sensor. It has Tetracell and 3D HDR technology lets you take crystal clear photos under any circumstances. With the 64MP quad-camera, you can take 9216×6912 ultra-detailed photos. The ultra-large 1/1.72” GW1 64MP sensor is up to 34% bigger than a 48MP sensor and features four-in-one intelligent pixel binning, F1.8 large aperture, and a 6P lens with superior light-gathering capability-providing realme XT with Flagship-level photography.

Now you can take studio-quality like photos and capture your brilliance with this device. As it has hardware-based bokeh effect and depth control offer superior portraits, enabling you to become the star of your photos. The smart HDR brings out more highlight and shadow details to your pictures. The Sony IMX471 16MP front camera of the phone comes with AI Face Beauty mode and makes your selfies unbelievably crisp and simply gorgeous.

2. New Glass Design :

Realme XT comes with light flowing glass which is now a new design fashion and 3d curved glass. It has a Sparkling Hyperbola on the Gleaming Glass. Generally, Hyperbola is widely used in the field of mathematics, architecture and astronomy. This device includes the element of fluid glass for a fantastic and eye-catching visual design. The Smartphone comes in two colour – Pearl Blue and Pearl White.

3. Ultra-high Screen-to-body Ratio :

The Realme XT comes with a sharp and vivid 16.3cm (6.4”) FHD+ Super AMOLED display and has an ultra-high Screen-to-body Ratio. The company has upgraded high-precision dispensing technology and COF packaging technology that allow the device to reach a 91.9% screen-to-body ratio. Now you can stretch your horizons, and simply immerse in your favourite videos and games like never before.

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4. Latest In-Display Fingerprint Scanner :

The device features the latest optical fingerprint scanner module from Goodix 3.0 brings a multi-monitor identification system. It also adds a filter that can identify colours for a more secure unlocking experience.

5. Snapdragon 712 AIE Processor :

This phone has 10% performance improvement as it has The Snapdragon 712 AIE Processor. The Snapdragon 712 AIE features a 10nm process and improves the clock-speed to 2.3 GHz, leading to a 10% overall performance improvement over the previous versions. Furthermore, the 3.0 AI engine greatly improves the efficiency in speech recognition and image processing and optimization.

6.VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 :

With VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 now you can flash Charge While playing games. VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 has 20W of power and needs only 80 minutes to fully charge. While playing a heavy game continuously for an hour, this advanced charging technology recharges your phone by 51%. It is 5 times faster than normal charging and even keeps the phone cool. The screen power-saving feature and AI cooling further reduce power consumption and prolong battery life.

7. Cooling System :

The latest cooling system in this device makes it 14% Cooler while playing Games. Realme XT comes with multiple cooling layers to further prevent heating. It consists of a new type of thermal gel, high thermal conductivity aluminium, and a series of graphite sheets. This system makes it’s more comfortable to hold and you can play for longer.

8. ColorOS 6 :

The ColorOS 6 keeps the Space-inspired Real Design with more new features added. Now clone Apps can support 10 more hot apps and customized fonts are allowed to make visual unique. Moreover, the Digital Wellbeing from Google helps you better manage your daily usage of the phone.*

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9. Hyper boost 2.0 :

Now you can play the game like a pro with the hyper boost feature. Hyper boost 2.0 brings the all-new Game Boost 2.0 which feature a frame boost and a touch boost to lower the game latency by up to the 73.7 %. besides the UFS 2.1 flash storage lets you load and play the game smoothly.

10. The new System-Wise Dark Mode :

Realme XT this time brings you the stunning dark mode which can be activated automatically by the sunset time or manually by the easy way. The dark mode is applicable to most of the third-party apps. This mode lets you immerse in complete dark experience with a comfortable experience.

Overall looking at all the features of the Realme XT it really offers a lot of value for money and is a solid addition to the lineup of phones. It looks like a better option compared to the Realme X

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