Receiving Missed Calls On WhatsApp From Numbers like +62 +233 & +237?

A new WhatsApp scam has been making rounds, which can potentially lead to a financial loss for the victims. The scam starts with an international WhatsApp call, often from an unknown number. The caller will ask the receiver to share a verification code they received via text, stating that it was sent by mistake. However, this is a trap, and once the code is shared, the caller gains access to the victim’s WhatsApp account, including their personal chats, media, and other sensitive information.

Multiple reports from various news sources have highlighted this scam and have warned users to be cautious. According to one report from News18, the scam has been targeting users across the globe, including in India, Malaysia, and the UK. The article warns users never to share any verification codes they receive with anyone, as these codes are meant to be kept confidential and secure.

The modus operandi of the scam is quite simple. The scammer will initiate a call from an international number, which can be easily disguised or spoofed. Once the victim picks up the call, the scammer will claim to have mistakenly sent a verification code to the victim’s number and will request them to share the code. The scammer may also claim to be a WhatsApp support executive or a representative from a well-known company such as Apple or Google.

As reported by MySmartPrice, the scam has become more sophisticated, with some victims receiving a series of calls and messages from multiple numbers, creating a sense of urgency and confusion. The article advises users never to share any personal information or verification codes with anyone, regardless of whom they claim to be.

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It is important to note that WhatsApp will never ask for verification codes, and any such request should be considered suspicious. Users should also enable two-factor authentication on their WhatsApp account, which provides an additional layer of security by requiring a verification code to log in. Users can also enable the “Security Notifications” feature, which notifies them whenever their WhatsApp account is being accessed from a new device.

In conclusion, the new WhatsApp scam involving international calls is a cause for concern and can lead to financial loss and breach of personal data. Users must be vigilant and cautious when receiving such calls or messages and never share verification codes or personal information with anyone, regardless of who they claim to be. Users can protect themselves and their personal information from such scams by taking appropriate security measures, such as enabling two-factor authentication and security notifications.

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