According to some sources from market research companies, Apple will launch a cheaper version of the key product line. The anticipated price of these products has just been revealed.

According to Economic Daily News and DigiTimes, which comes from Apple’s supply chains, the products will be available in low-cost versions including the iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air and HomePod at the following specifics:

  • iPad 9.7 inch will be priced at $259, this information DigiTimes is derived from the supply chain of Apple, sources said the company will launch cheap iPad 9.7 inch in the second quarter 2018. The current price of 9.7 inches iPad is 329 USD.
  • iPhone 6.1 inch price from 649 to 749 USD, the price is the same price as analyst Minhg-Chi Kuo, the cheap version will use LCD instead of OLED.
  • MacBook Air is priced from $799 to $899, according to market researcher Yubin Qiu of WitsView (China) based on information from the supply chain and manufacturing. Currently, the MacBook Air is $ 999, equivalent to the iPhone X, which means that the new MacBook Air is cheaper than the iPhone.
  • New HomePod price 150 to 200 USD.

Note that the above rates are the only convention. In these four products, it is likely that the new MacBook Air will appear first, possibly even this month. iPhone 6.1 inch LCD will launch in September with the new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus, maybe the new HomePod also appeared at the September event.

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