App Store System Preferences On MacOS High Sierra Can Be Hacked With Any Password

Not long ago, a pretty bland error on macOS allowed the user to log in simply by typing the word “root” and now a similar error is occurring with the App Store.

This bug allows anyone to access the App Store in System Preferences with any password if the lock icon is closed and your Mac is locked.

Typically, the lock icon in the App Store card will open and have the “Click the lock to prevent further changes”, when clicked and locked again, others will not be able to access to delete the update automatically, install new macOS. , security updates, …

However, on MacOS High Sierra 10.13, anyone can access this item and unlock any username and password. So if someone visits your Mac if you forget the lock and go out, they can edit a lot of things in this section.

  According to MacRumors, the MacOS Sierra 10.13.3 beta is no longer buggy, meaning that Apple has known and discarded, but most other users are not using the beta and are still at MacOS 10.13.2 or 10.13. 1 or even 10.13, Apple has abandoned these objects.

Currently, what you can do is upgrade to beta, or always lock the machine when out and wait for the next update. according to the.

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