Apple Fixes Failure Making iPhone Screen X Hang At Low Temperatures

IOS 11.1.2 was released on Thursday (16th of Nov) to fix an iPhone crash : the display would stop working for few minutes if the device is taken out in some cold weather.

This problem of iPhone X named as Coldgate, came into existence when you left a warm place for a cold street, for example “Literally two seconds after I leave for cold environment, my screen stops responding right to the ringtones. I try to slip on the sites and they do not register my finger, ” A user reported.

The gadgets with iOS are intended to work in temperatures of 0ºC and 35ºC, yet the blame in the touch board of the iPhone X happened even inside the recommended range. Apple recognized the issue, saying that the screen was “completely responding after several seconds”.

Another than Coldgate, 11.1.2 iOS fixes a flaw that could cause distortion in the live photos and videos captured with the iPhone X. It brings the same security patches iOS 11.1, including that mitigates one vulnerability WPA2 protocol , which left the Wi-Fi networks around the world unprotected.

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