Datally Is A Google App That Helps You Save Mobile Data

Google latest app called Datally, a free android app which helps users to save mobile data and suggests nearby WI-FI networks.

Datally was in test in some countries in recent months and then it was launched in India (30th Nov). After installing the Datally lets you control the internet access of each application on your smartphone. You can restrict the consumption of mobile data in the background, for example, by preventing some service from silently running your package. In addition, it is possible to block access to mobile data from a specific application – Android already has a native feature for this, but it is hidden in the settings.

Datally has another inbuilt function of Wi-Fi locator, which finds public networks so you do not use your mobile data pack. The list shows the nearest access point and allows users to evaluate the quality of the network to which you have connected. In my tests, the feature was not very useful: it limited itself to finding some password protected networks, without displaying the password.

There is nothing very new about Datally, but it makes internet management simpler, especially in countries where a data package is expensive: Google informs The Verge that some users in India, Nigeria, and Argentina often leave the phone in the mode to save data, activating the mobile network for brief moments when they want to check notifications (!).

Datally is already available in the Play Store and works on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above smartphones.

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