Facebook Is Now Asking For Selfie From Users In Order To Remove Fake Profiles

Facebook wants more photos of the users, to verify that they are not a robot. After testing a feature to prevent porn revenge by asking for Nudes, now the social network can request a photo of you to verify your identity.

Our Twitter User discovered the test by a friend who was blocked by Facebook and had to confirm that it was himself. The notice asked “end a photo of you that clearly shows your face. We will check it and then erase it permanently from our servers.”

To  Facebook, Wired said, Facebook has confirmed the process, which should help “identify suspicious activity” within the social network, be it by creating an account, sending friend requests or editing and creating ads. Photo verification is just one of the methods to resolve suspicions of dubious activity.

One of the parameters used by the social network to check the photo sent is to check if it is unique; if your account is disabled, it makes sense to upload a photo that you have not previously posted on Facebook. According to the social network, both the process of capturing suspicious activity and that of verifying the image is fully automated.

It is not uncommon for Facebook to disable user accounts for suspicious activity or violations of the terms of use of the social network. Using a false name, pretending to be someone else, harassment, spam, and other undisclosed metrics can cause an account to be blocked.

In early October, the social network hired 1,000 people to review ads on the social network. The reason? It is estimated that 10 million Americans saw ads on Facebook created by Russians trying to make political manipulation. Identity verification also serves to prevent situations like this.

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