Intel Announces 5G Modems With Gigabit Speed

The Intel announced on Thursday(16th) the first line of 5G Modem networks: XMM800 and XMM8060. This models  prepared for the next generation of smartphones speed exceeding 1GB/s.

The smartphone which will have this modems, expected to reach market in 2020. When the technology should start to be made availability by the operators. Company also announced LTE Modem, the network used in 4G connection, capable of reaching Gigabit Speed.

The 5G network is pointed out as essential for the popularization of some technologies, such as Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles. In addition to faster data transfer, it also has lower latency than fourth-generation networks. The shorter response time is important for real-time applications such as controlling a car, for example.

5G Modems: XMM800 and XMM8060

Intel revealed details about the first two chips compatible with the fifth generation networks. The XMM800 modem works in bands below 6 GHz and can be used in a variety of devices, from computers to cellulars, in addition to being shipped even in cars. The XMM8060 is one of the first modems in the world that can operate simultaneously on 5G networks, 4G, 3G and 2G connections.

News in 4G

The dispute over who will dominate the supply market targeting the 5G has already begun. In October, Qualcomm announced the first tests of 5G networks on compatible smartphones .