Kaspersky Sues US Government After They Ban Their Software

The United States government has banned the use of Kaspersky software in federal agencies. The justification was that the company would be working with the Russian government to do espionage. Kaspersky has now filed a lawsuit to try to reverse the ruling.

Kaspersky denies any connection to the suspicion that hackers linked to the Russian government would have taken advantage of a breach in a company’s antivirus to spy on an NSA employee and capture sensitive data. The company alleges that the leak occurred because the employee used pirated software, and has opened a program to allow governments to revise the software source code.

Still, Donald Trump signed a decree banning Kaspersky software from the US government. Major public agencies have migrated to other companies’ security tools. In addition, stores like Best Buy and Staples have removed Kaspersky products from the shelves. As a result, Kaspersky closed its office in the federal capital Washington.

The Russians claim that “Kaspersky Lab did not have a fair opportunity to defend itself against the allegations and no technical evidence was given to validate the actions of the DHS [Department of Homeland Security].” In addition, the US government would have “damaged reputation and business operations without any evidence of irregularities.” Therefore, “it is in the interest of Kaspersky Lab to defend itself in this matter”.

It’s not easy.

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