LG Announces Its First 4K Projector With HDR And Compact Size

The 4K projectors are usually large and heavy, but LG has found a way to make it more compact. It has announced a device that displays 4K HDR images on your wall and half the size of the alternatives on the market.

The LG HU80KA can design a 150-inch image with a brightness of up to 2,500 lumens. This is the company’s brightest projector (its Full-HD models reach 2,000 lumens) and matches the competition.

In addition to the 4K resolution, it has support for HDR10 (nothing from Dolby Vision, though). HDR highlights colors in the lightest and darkest parts of the image. For example, you’ll see details in shadowed areas; and you may notice the orange tones in the sun’s rays instead of a white beam.

The device can be installed on the floor, wall or even ceiling. It has two built-in 7-watt speakers, and of course, you can connect it to your home theater; it has optical audio outputs, via HDMI and Bluetooth.

The projector has USB input to connect to external storage and features keyboard and mouse support. And as it runs webOS, just like LG TVs, you can use various streaming services without much effort.

LG still has no price or availability for the HU80KA. She says this is an “affordable yet premium device” – do not expect it to cost you little.

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