Malwarebytes Launches A Malicious, Phishing, Malware-Tracking, User-Tracking Extension On Firefox

 Malwarebytes is well known to Windows users for its safety from the lightweight anti-virus software it offers. Recently, the company has sent to Firefox users a new extension to remove the threat from malicious sites, phishing, or tracking … Follow the steps below to install.

Instructions for installing the Malwarebytes extension for Firefox:

Step 1: Download and install Malwarebytes at the bottom.

Step 2: After installation, click the Malwarebytes icon. You will see that the security mode is always enabled.

 Features of Extension:

  • Sites, malware.
  • Phishing site.
  • Behavior tracking and advertising.
  • Real-time protection.

All these features are automatically activated. You can right-click on the Malwarebytes> Settings> Protections tab

 Quickly install it to ensure safe browsing!

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