Samsung Spent $4 Million To Promote S9/S9+ At The Oscars With The Participation Of Many Big Stars

 Yesterday on the channel Youtube Samsung US has posted an ad featuring two stars Issa Rae and Constance Wu with the launch of a version of Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 + purple Lilac, his video which will premiere at ABC’s 90th Academy Awards on Sunday.

The lesson is to send young people out, doing all the possible crazy things, before making their own history. If you want to “do big things” but do not have enough resources, start by “working small”. This message blends perfectly with Samsung’s “Do What You Can not” campaign in recent times.


Ironically it goes against the “sky” price of smartphone flagship models, namely the two big Samsung and Apple. In terms of advertising costs, ABC has asked for $2 million for a 30-second video clip at the Oscars so Samsung may spend about $ 4 million on a 1-minute commercial. This. Samsung is well-known for “playing” with its advertising campaigns, so this is not surprising.

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