Users Can Not Use Face To Authenticate Purchase Anymore, Apple Is Not Confident About Face ID

We are no stranger to Face ID being fooled, it can be older brothers, mother, or even two colleagues are not related to each other. Apparently, even Apple does not trust Face ID systems when face recognition is no longer used to authenticate purchases.

Ask to Buy is a feature on iOS that allows parents to monitor purchases on their children’s App Store. Previously, Ask to Buy required parents to use the Touch ID to confirm purchase, avoid the case of children using the phone “baked” the money, however, the iPhone X Touch ID is no longer available, Apple Replaced by Face ID, but recently users have to enter the Apple ID to confirm this, causing many users to be annoyed and posted to the Apple forum to discuss and find answers.

Previously, Apple also said that Face ID does not work well with twins and children, so maybe Apple does not confidently integrate this system into the Ask to Buy feature? Apple has not made any comment at this time, maybe this is just a bug and it will put the Face ID on Ask to Buy through the following updates, or maybe Apple intentionally does not integrate the mold recognition feature. In addition to preventing unforeseen events.

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