6 Reasons Why You Should Uninstall Google Chrome browser And Switch To Opera

Why should you use the Opera browser instead of Google Chrome? With the changes in the version of Opera, you will definitely be able to confidently remove the Chrome browser on your device.

1. Opera is faster and responds better.

Many people use Chrome browser as a measure of browser performance, I do not deny this. But when used on many different devices, the results are different. Despite the standard conditions, Opera is inferior to Chrome, but in fact users appreciate Opera. Rather than compare figures, let’s experience the reality to see what Opera outperforms Chrome. According to the review, Opera is faster and responds better.

2. Opera has supported Chrome extensions.

When Microsoft introduced the Edge browser on Windows 10, many users were excited to switch to this browser because of its speed. However, the lack of extensions pulled the user back to the Chrome browser. But now Chrome extensions are available almost exclusively on the Opera Store, because both of them use the same Chromium source code. Just visit the Opera extension store here and find your gadget and then click Add to Opera. Or download the Install Chrome Extensions extension – support for installing extensions from Chrome to Opera.

3. Opera uses less CPU and battery

If you are using older Windows machines, Chrome occupies a lot of CPU’s. Especially if you are using a laptop, you will notice the faster loss, because the more CPU you use, the higher the drain. That’s why you should not use Chrome on a MacBook.

You should choose Opera, because this browser brings about double the benefits of Chrome. Not only does the CPU use less during regular use, but Opera also has a power-saving mode that extends battery life when the user actually needs it.

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4. Opera uses less bandwidth.

Opera not only uses CPU and lower battery than Chrome, but also minimizes bandwidth usage through Turbo mode. If your internet activity is limited by ISP data packets (in case of weak wifi, or using 3G, 4G), then Opera Turbo will save you some money.

With Turbo Mode, your internet traffic is passed through Opera’s servers for compression before sending to the user. Note that this only works on unencrypted pages, so sites with HTTPS protocol will not be compressed.

5. Opera Free VPN Integration

When you’re blocked from accessing a website, turn on the VPN on Opera for fixing it. Some of the benefits of VPN include:

  • Hide your IP address so you can not keep track of it.
  • Helps access to blocked sites
  • Anti-tracking when using public Wi-Fi.

6. Opera is not Google

In terms of user privacy, the Opera browser is more reliable than Google Chrome. While Google is a data-mining company for advertising, Opera is more secure and provides a good user experience.

The ad blocker built into Opera is a good example. Listening to and understanding users, browsers have implemented ad blocking to provide a better experience. In short, Opera knows how to listen to users more than Google Chrome.

Have you decided to switch from Chrome to Opera? Let everyone know!

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