Can I Use My SIM Card In A Blacklisted Phone?

Have you ever wondered what happens to phones that get stolen? Those devices are often blacklisted by law enforcement agencies. 

The difference between a blacklisted phone and a regular one is that the former is blocked from accessing the network. To know more, read through the post below.

What Are Blacklisted Phones?

A phone becomes blacklisted when the owner reports it stolen. Law enforcement will enter the IMEI number of the stolen phone in the database of stolen devices. Once that is done, no one can use the stolen phone to connect to the network.

To know if your phone is blacklisted, you can use sites like or

A blacklisted phone is blocked from accessing the network so no one can misuse it. It is important to file a complaint at the police station if your phone gets stolen. Unless you report the issue to law enforcement, they cannot blacklist your phone. In that case, you may get into trouble if the person who stole your phone decides to misuse it. 

What Are Blacklisted Phones

You never know who and why someone stole your phone. To be on the safer side, you should file a report to the police.

Are Blacklisted Phones Cheap?

There are many places out there that deal in blacklisted phones. For instance, if you go to a gray market, you will find hundreds of shops selling blacklisted phones. All these are stolen phones that are sold at dirt-cheap rates in the market.

These devices are cheap because they are often stolen. Using such devices can most likely get you in trouble. After all no one will invest in a blacklisted phone unless they have some wrong intentions in their mind.

Even if you buy a blacklisted phone, you won’t be able to use it to make calls or send messages. This is because the phone will not connect to the network. As long as the IMEI number of the device is blocked, there’s no way you can connect it to the network. These devices are only good for browsing the internet as they can still get connected to Wi-Fi. But it won’t work with a SIM card.

Talking about blacklisted phones, you should avoid buying such devices. Even if you get a high-end model at a cheaper rate you shouldn’t buy it. You are not aware of the backstory of the device. Or how it got to the gray market. Without knowing these things, you wouldn’t want to associate yourself with such devices.

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Another reason is that blacklist phones may not last for a long time. Buying a blacklisted phone is similar to buying a second-hand device. In many cases, these phones stop working after a few months or years. If that happens, your money will go to waste.

What Happens If I Insert My SIM Card In A Blacklisted Phone?

You might wonder what will happen if you put your SIM card in a blacklisted phone. Well, many things can happen depending on the status of the device.

If the phone is only stolen, you won’t be able to use it to access the network. The reason is the IMEI is being blocked by law enforcement. Additionally, your SIM card will get registered with the stolen device. So if someone decides to dig into the report in the future, it could mean trouble for you. This is why it is advised not to use such devices.

What Happens If I Insert My SIM Card In A Blacklisted Phone

If you try to insert your SIM card in a blacklisted phone for pending charges, it is possible to access the network. However, there’s a chance that your network service provider will contact you to pay for the pending charges. Once that is done, the device will be removed from the blacklist.

The third scenario is where you use your SIM card with a blacklisted phone that was involved in some illegal activity. If that happens, you can end up facing legal trouble. Such devices are often tracked by law enforcement. So if you try to insert a SIM card in the phone, they can find out your location and the SIM card you used. Even if you are innocent, you will be questioned for your actions. This is why you should never buy a blacklisted phone.

How To Know If IMEI Is Unlocked, Blocked, Or Fake?

Blacklisted phones have their IMEI blocked for obvious reasons. It is done to prevent any from misusing the phone.

How To Know If IMEI Is Unlocked, Blocked, Or Fake

Let’s say, you have purchased a blacklisted device. To know if the IMEI is blocked, fake, or unlocked, you should use sites like or

Will A Blacklisted Phone Work On Another Carrier?

Some of you may not know but most carriers share their block lists. So if a phone is blocked by one carrier, there’s a good chance that it won’t work with another carrier.

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However, the device might work with another carrier in a different country. But if your phone is blocked due to being involved in unlawful activity, then you might get tracked down by law enforcement.

The consequences of using a blacklisted phone will vary depending on the device’s status. To avoid any unwanted situations, it is better to not use such devices at all. If you want a new phone, you can always buy it first-hand. Even if it costs more money, you know it is safe to use.

Can the IMEI Number Of A Phone Be Changed?

Let’s say, your phone is stolen and you have got the IMEI blocked. What you may not know is that the IMEI number can be changed. The person who has stolen your device can attempt to change the IMEI to access the network. However, doing so is considered illegal in many countries.

Getting caught changing the IMEI can land you in big trouble with law enforcement. Despite that IMEI numbers of stolen phones are often changed by thieves.

What Will Happen If The IMEI Number Is Blacklisted?

If your phone is blacklisted by a law enforcement agency or your carrier, many things can go wrong.

For example, if your device is reported stolen and IMEI blocked, using such a device can get you tracked down. If that happens, you will have to deal with law officials. Unless you are proven innocent, you will have to stay involved in the case.

If you are the legit owner of your phone, you should take steps to unblock the IMEI number of your device. Contact the law enforcement agency or network service provider to unblock your phone.

Are Blacklisted Phones Useless?

As we mentioned before, blacklisted phones don’t have network access. Unless you get the IMEI unblocked, the device will stay like that.

A blacklisted phone cannot be used for calling or texting. But you can still access the internet by connecting the device with Wi-Fi. So if you thought that blacklisted phones are useless, you are wrong.

Once the device is connected to Wi-Fi, you can make calls or send text over the internet. But then again, you may get charged by law enforcement agencies. This is only if you get caught using such a device.

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Can I Get A Blacklisted Phone Unlocked?

If you are the owner of the phone, you can get it unlocked by removing the IMEI number from the blacklist database. For this, you will have to contact law enforcement agencies as they are the only people who can do it.

If the phone is blocked by your network carrier, then you will have to contact your network service provider.

Can I Get A Blacklisted Phone Unlocked

Once your phone is unlocked, it can access the network. You can use the device to make calls or text like you did before. To get your phone unlocked, you will have to prove the ownership of the device.

If you bought the blacklisted phone from a gray market, you cannot get it unlocked. This is because you are not the legit owner of the device.

Why Should You Check A Phone’s Blacklist Status Before Use?

If you have recently bought a phone, you should check its blacklist status. This is crucial for various reasons.

  • Network Compatibility

Blacklisted phones are blocked by network carriers, meaning the device won’t have network access. By checking the blacklist status you can ensure that your device is not blocked from connecting to the network.

  • Legal Compliance

Using a blacklisted phone can invite a lot of trouble for you. Typically, a phone is blacklisted because of unauthorized use, theft, or involvement in illegal activities. This is why it is important to check the blacklist status of your device.

  • Financial Protection

Blacklisted phones can result in financial repercussions. If the device has been involved in illegal activities, you may get associated with the penalties. To prevent such things from happening, you should check the blacklist status of the device.

  • Personal Security

Last, but not the least, you should check the blacklist status of your phone for your security. It will help you avoid using a device that has been involved in unlawful activities.

Final Words

Blacklisted phones are blocked for a reason. They are either reported stolen or have been involved in fraudulent activities. Using such devices with your SIM card can land you in trouble. The only way to avoid that is to not use such devices.

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