After More Than 8 Years Of Launching, Windows 7 Is Still The Most User Operating System, Leaving Windows 10 Far Away

Although Microsoft expects to grow market share after deploying Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for users. But this growth is not really significant, Windows 10 still can not beat Windows 7 in the number of users.

According to statistics from NetMarketShare, market share for the Windows operating system 10 in December increased 0.98% and accounted for 32.93% of the total market share. Windows 7 lost 0.04% and accounted for 43.08%. Windows 8.1 accounted for 5.71% (down 0.22%), Windows XP accounted for 5.18% (down 0.55%).

  • Note: This is a reference only. Currently saving counterfeit hits on web browsers is increasing so the metrics may not be completely accurate.

Although Microsoft has been trying very hard, the Windows 10 operating system has not been able to beat Windows 7 to the position of the most used operating system. But the fact is that Windows 10 will definitely beat Windows 7, because Windows 7 users will no longer be supported by Microsoft in 2020. This will cause many people to upgrade the operating system. In addition, Microsoft is developing Windows 10 Redstone 4 operating system in March or April, which is expected to increase the number of users using Windows 10.

Windows 7 was released by Microsoft in the second half of 2009, Now, more than the 8-year-old operating system is still more popular than Windows 10.

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