Your Android Battery Runs Out Fast? App Helps You Save It.

How to Use Battery Doctor to Save Battery for Android Phone

The Battery Doctor app let Android Users to optimize the battery life of their Smartphones. This app is free for all and very easy to use. This tool has economy modes that disable power consuming functions such as Bluetooth, Screen brightness, Wi-fi and other important features of the device.

Google Play store drains out your battery too quickly, because it is always checking for app updates whenever you’re connected to the Internet. Try using some other android marketplace like Getapk market to prevent it.

With the help of the app users stay longer without charging the battery. The app ensures that you charge the smartphone up to a certain level and never go below a certain amount of battery power.

It uses a unique three charge cycle that boosts battery life and gives you options to ensure that the battery power doesn’t drain below a specific level. Battery Doctor optimises the smartphone in such a way that the battery life lasts longer and the device performs faster. It comes with a handy widget that serves as a shortcut to disable/enable a particular function of the phone.

One should note that these apps don’t bring additional battery life but optimise your smartphone in such a way that it can be used for a longer time between charges. If you’ve been using any of these apps, then do share your experience about the change in battery life.

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