Apple Fixes Serious Crash On MacOS And Breaks Another System Resource

If your week is bad, imagine Apple’s. The company released an emergency update to fix a major bug in macOS High Sierra, which allowed for login with the root user without entering any password. The problem with a speedy fix is that there is not much time to test it, which can end up causing another bug.

As Murphy never crashes, some users started complaining that the macOS file-sharing function stopped working after the patch. Says a MacRumors reader : “With the Finder, open a file share with any Mac that has the security update installed. The status shows ‘not connected’. When you try to connect, your username and password fail. ”

The Apple published a support article with a solution: Open Terminal, type sudo /usr/libexec/configureLocalKDCand press Enter; then enter your administrator password to confirm the operation. The file-sharing feature will resume working normally.


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