[19/1/18] 10 Apps Worth $26 Are Free For A Short Time For iOS

Some notes to know before downloading apps and games for free:

  • These are copyrighted applications that are “free” for “short time”.
  • Free time can be changed at any time without prior notice. Hope next time you will be more fortunate.
  • Some links when opened on the phone will be transferred to AppStore Vietnam and may be charged. Please migrate your Apple ID to U.S. for free.

1.Depello – With the Depello app, you can highlight a certain area of the color and know all the different areas in black and white on each photo.

2. iDigital Big3 Alarm Clock – Largest Display Time: This is a smart alarm application for Apple iOS devices. With iDigital Big3 Alarm Clock, you can set alarms and the application will have many ways to pull you out of bed whether you want it or not.

3. Zazn Meditation: The elegant and user-friendly design of the app provides you with indexing when meditating, to give you a sense of calm, peace and relaxation.

4. Lists To due to This simple, easy-to-use and easy-to-use application allows users to organize and manage tasks, projects, manuscripts or to-do lists. image.

5. Translator Pro: As the name implies, this is a professional translation tool with translation capabilities in 40 different languages, making it easy to communicate with just a few clicks. It has some special features like sharing results directly via email or social networking, passing text to speech, etc.

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6. Easy Translation: This tool allows users to easily translate different languages on iOS. The application supports 32 different languages, including many popular languages such as English, Japanese, Italian, Chinese … There are also some special features such as: keyboard input or voice, share through social networks, copy characters by one touch …

7. Pattern – Design Drawing: This is a simple application with subtle design and suitable for designers. Pattern Design Drawing will make drawing easier.

8. iShrug: Text Faces for iMessage: Unlike other keyboard applications, iShrug can help you bring your classic icon set to iMessage messaging. Pretty or extremely cute.

9. Speckle – Lens bokeh: The application supports photo editing, highlighting the subject by applying a bokeh effect without the use of dedicated lens sets for the camera.

10. Blocks – the original puzzle game: This is a puzzle game with beautifully designed and extremely attractive gameplay. In the game, you will join the same color blocks to eat points and add achievements to your rankings.

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