Which Is The Best Mobile Browser? Is It Samsung Browser, Chrome, Firefox or Edge?

You are also curious about the speed of browsing of popular mobile browsers such as Samsung Browser, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Most of the mobile browsers are updated with many new features, increasing the performance, enhancing the user experience. Let’s compare the speed of the browser with each other on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 offline.

Browsers will go through the following comparisons:

  • Measure speed: Check aggregate to calculate the response speed of web applications.
  • JetStream: This browser-based test suite brings information on the performance of features that will be available in advanced web browsers such as JavaScript, 3D, and more.
  • MotionMark: Graphical benchmarks for web pages using HTML5, SVG, etc.
  • Basemark Web 3.0: Experimenting with multi-platform support for JavaScript framework, WebGL 2.0 and other tools.

Versions are compared: Samsung Browser (6.2), Chrome 63 (version 64 with auto-play and ad blocking still in beta), Firefox 57, and Microsoft Edge. Here are the results after comparison:

  • Note: The higher the number, the better.

Mozilla says that their latest Firefox browser offers a great experience on laptops, but the mobile version is still in beta so it’s not possible to get past the official release of Chrome.

Although Samsung’s browser is highly rated for browsing speed, it has encountered a number of issues with the compatibility of technologies applied in modern web browsers. You can choose Google Chrome for the best and most functional experience, or use Microsoft Edge if you want to experience speed and performance.

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