Next iPad Should Come With Face Id And Thinner Edges Except Home Button

Next iPad Should Come With Face Id And Thinner Edges but no Home Button.

The tablet market has been declining in recent years , in part by the rise of large smartphones. Still, the sale of iPads grew in the last quarter, and it seems Apple is preparing a redesign for one of its most famous products.

Rumors say the iPad Pro of 2018 will be unlocked by face recognition through Face ID. And, according to Bloomberg , the next iPad will also use the same technology. It will be able to authorize payments and even create Animojis.

In addition, sources say the iPad of 2018 will have thinner edges on the top and bottom of the device because it will not have Home button. The navigation would be done by gestures, just like the iPhone X, and unlocking would only be done by Face ID.

Designer Benjamin Geskin made renderings of what an iPad would look like without the Home button, and without the iPhone X slot

The Apple was also preparing a new version of Apple Pencil and new software tools to use the stylus.

However, Bloomberg says , the next iPad is unlikely to include an OLED screen. The Samsung is the only manufacturer with the ability to produce these displays for iPads in 2018, “but technical and financial restrictions still make this unlikely.”

Other vendors, such as LG, Japan Display and Sharp, also would not have the ability to deliver OLED screens for tablets next year, at least not at the volume that Apple requires.

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