BlackBerry Sued Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp Infringed Series Of Patents

 On Tuesday, the BlackBerry filed a lawsuit against Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for infringing its messaging services.

In court records, BlackBerry claims to own some of the most popular features of modern mobile messaging applications, whether it’s from Facebook, Apple, Google or any other company. BlackBerry has asked the court to ban Facebook from infringing on patents, which could lead to Facebook having to modify many of its interfaces and application features or even remove all.

“Facebook makes BlackBerry’s patent-based messaging application, security layers, user interfaces, and innovative features that make the BlackBerry.
“In addition to the BlackBerry messaging app, BlackBerry also sued Instagram and Whatsapp for the above

, as well as Nokia’s BlackBerry, which is one of the most patented. In 2016, the BlackBerry has blamed BLU and Avaya for patent infringement. BLU agrees to pay compensation. Now the BlackBerry has shifted its focus to Facebook and its subsidiaries. Social networking. ”

Of course, it’s a requirement from the BlackBerry side, and Facebook has a lot of patents to fight back, and finally, if things get too tense, they can be solved by compensation.

” Sadly, the lawsuit of Blackberry has reflected the current situation of business messaging services “Facebook mentor Paul Grewal said in an e-mail message. “Rather than attempting to innovate, the BlackBerry is seeking to tax the creativity of others, and we will fight back.”

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