How To Disable Reserved Storage On Windows 10

Windows 10 Operating System is currently used by many people all over the world. It is one of the most used OS in the world. It also offers new updates and features. Here’s how to Disable Reserved Storage on Windows 10.

Generally, Windows 10 has regular updates which at times become very problematic, mainly because of the storage on the phone. More SDD drives are being now used compared to that of HDD ones to install Windows.

Microsoft has a feature of Reserved Storage so that you do not have to face storage issues with Windows 10 updates. This update has been introduced back in May 2019 and reserves almost 7gb of storage so that updates and file downloads can be done.

This update main aim is to fix the storage-related issues as it helps you to reserve the disk space for future updates. However, Reserved Storage does not mean that you will be given the full 7gb to download or to install updates but you can also use it for storing files and installing apps.

To check if the PC is already using the Reserved Storage, generally, it comes primarily with Windows 10 Version 1903. However, if you are using an age-old version, the Reserved Storage Option will not be found.

To check the reserved storage, first, go to settings, then go to Storage. You can there select Show more categories, then choose System and Reserved from there.

In case you see the option of System and Reserved, then be sure that your PC is using the Reserved Storage and if that particular section cannot be found, then it is not using.

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How can you Disable Reserved Storage?

If there is a sufficient amount of storage in your PC, then you do not need to disable Windows Reserved Storage however if you are lacking in storage, then you can surely disable it and there is no harm in doing so.

The following steps should be followed to Disable Reserved Storage On Windows 10.

Step 1: Firstly open the Run dialogue box.

Step 2: There type Regedit and then tap on the Enter.

Step 3: Now navigate to the next step of the current master Reserve Manager.

Step 4: Here you can see a right-hand side panel over there. There you can also see Shipped with Reserves. Just double click on it. After that set the Value to 0 and then click on OK.

Step 5: Now to enable again the Reserved Storage the value of DWORD will have to be given as 1. Then tap on OK.

By following the above mentioned easy steps, you can easily enable or disable the Reserved Storage in your Windows 10 computer. The steps are very simple to follow. Now your updates will surely no longer be failed to be updated due to lack of storage.

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