How To Enable Gaming Mode On Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows is a very popular operating system that offers lots of features and more customization options for its users. Windows 10 from Microsoft is the latest OS with many useful features. Here’s how to enable Gaming Mode On Windows 10.

Microsoft provides many new features on every Windows 10 update. Gaming Mode is one such feature from Microsoft which enhances the gaming experience for gamers.

In case you play games on a Windows computer, then the Game Mode will definitely help you in various ways. This article is going to help you to enable the Gaming Mode on Windows 10 in your desktop computer.

What do you mean by Gaming Mode On Windows 10?

Gaming Mode is the gaming feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 computer. It is really the best feature to play games on Windows 10. Furthermore, it allows users to play the game smoothly and optimize the system.

Apart from gaming, this mode is useful in multi-tasking for users. Earlier the Gaming Mode was accessed on the Windows 10 Game bar, however, now the setting is moved. Now, let us check out how to enable the Game Mode on Windows 10 computer.

Steps to enable Gaming Mode On Windows 10

After knowing Game Mode features, let us learn how to enable the Game Mode. Just follow the below steps to enable the Gaming Mode on Windows 10.

Step 1: First of all, select on the Windows key and tap on ‘Settings’.

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Step 2: Then click on the ‘Gaming option’ in the Settings page.

Step 3: Now tap on the ‘Game Mode’ and enable it on the Gaming page.

Step 4: Here on the Gaming page screen, also enable the ‘Game Bar’ option.

Step 5: After that open any of your game and tap Windows Key + G. This will help you to open the Game Bar and tap on the ‘Use Game Mode for this game’ option.

That is all. Now just restart the game to experience the changes done in the Settings. Actually, enabling the Game Mode will not give a huge difference in most games however, the Gaming Mode is more useful for multitasking and background task usage.

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