How To Enable Quick Download Support Like IDM On Google Chrome

The browser version of Google Chrome on the PC, as well as Android, is being updated quite a lot of new features and one of them is the Parallel Download feature on Chrome 63, as fast download support as IDM.

This is one of the features expected to launch in Chrome 64, which users are looking forward to. Nowadays most users have to use IDM or download accelerator tool in Chrome, but now just turn on the Parallel Download feature. The download speed will be improved by using multi-threaded to accelerate. download process.

According to theory, this will increase the download speed in Google Chrome If your download time is longer than 2s. Because this feature will generate three streams to speed up the download. Currently this feature only appears on Chrome 63 PC version, with version for Android, this feature is automatically enabled for users using Chrome Dev version, Chrome CanaryChromiumChrome BetaChrome Stable …

If you want to test this feature now on Chrome Beta, you can enable it by copying and pasting this line into your address bar. I tried it on a normal version of Chrome 63 (not beta), and you can still enable and enable this feature:

Code: chrome://flags#chrome-parallel-download

Experience the difference!

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