Google Confirms Not Updating The Dark Mode Interface For Android Users

 In November last year, the forum shared information about the dark mode that will be updated in the new Android, making it easier for OLED-enabled devices to conserve battery power. This information was endorsed by a Google employee. However, Google has officially denied this information.

The response of this employee has made many Android users excited and expect Dark mode (dark interface). Unfortunately, the dream of many Android users has been extinguished by Google when they say it’s just a misunderstanding. According to an interview with Android Police, Google said, “What we will add in upcoming Android releases is developer settings, to help them develop and test applications on the UI. -night (night view). ”

 Google also emphasized that AndroidPolice is the only version currently available for this mode that is only available for the Google Pixel 2. In addition, there will be features that allow users to change from subject to light. on the phone’s background image. It will be on the Pixel line in the Android 8.1 version. Hopefully in the future, Google will develop and apply this feature more, helping users to find better battery.

If you still want to use Dark Mode on Android then you can try out some applications and launchers that do this, such as Nova Launcher (Enter Nova Settings => Turn on Night Mode):

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