Google File Manager “Files Go” Now Exits Beta Version On Android

Android file manager “Files Go” developed by Google, was in beta version since November. It provides you easy access to your video and photos even it helps you to free up space on your phone.

Now the app is available in play store for all, or go straight to this link. It is compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop and later versions.

Files Go app, File manager

As many smartphones have very less storage capacity like 4GB in total. And it takes no time to get the storage device full as we receive daily images, photos, and videos on social media and through WhatsApp.

So, this app is fully trustable and free for all to use. It also suggests apps which are not used in last 4 weeks, large files, duplicate photos, and even memes.


You can also send large files like movies, games or videos to someone close to you without internet- just use “Files Go“. The transfer is encrypted and reaches up to 125 Mb/s. And at last it has the feature all wants, you can easily view your photos, videos, and downloads.


Get more information by watching the below video on Youtube.

With information: Google

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