An iPhone X Failure Affects The Screen At Low Temperatures

An iPhone X Failure Affects The Screen At Low Temperatures

Due to the scale of manufacturing and sales, each generation of the iPhone presents at least one notable problem. It could be something serious, like the “antennagate” of the iPhone 4 or the “bendgate” of the iPhone 6, or something cool – like the noise the iPhone 7 can emit when performing heavy tasks .

This time we have a noticeable problem on the iPhone X. Some owners say that the screen temporarily stops responding, or responds with lag, when the device is exposed to a cold environment – for example, when you leave a warm place for a street cold.

The problem was dubbed “coldgate.” A Reddit user explains what happens: “I noticed that the iPhone X screen ceases to be responsive as soon as I leave the house. Literally two seconds after I leave for a cold environment, my screen stops responding right to the ringtones. I try to slip on the sites and they do not record my finger. ”

Apple says iOS devices should be used at temperatures between 0 ° C and 35 ° C. The iPhone X problem occurs at temperatures close to zero, but still within this recommended temperature range. It works again a few seconds later.

In a statement , Apple says that this will be resolved with an iOS update:

We are aware of cases where the iPhone X screen temporarily stops ringing after a quick switch to a cool environment. After several seconds, the display will respond completely. This will be resolved in a future software update.

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