Apple Will Soon Bring iTunes To Windows Store

 Today, Apple has announced several security changes to the iTunes Store and these changes also make the PC running Windows XP and Vista cannot use the iTunes Store. However, if these devices have iTunes installed then the user can continue to use without the support from Apple.

From May 25th, there will be a minimum requirement that the system must use Windows 7 or above and at the same time install the latest version of iTunes can download the application from the iTunes Store. This means that devices running Windows XP or Vista with older versions of iTunes will not be able to purchase applications or download applications purchased from the iTunes Store.

This is “sad news” for those who are using an iOS device and still want to connect to the iTunes service on an old-fashioned PC model, but that may be a step before iTunes is shipped to the Microsoft Store. Last year, at the Build event, Microsoft announced that iTunes would reach the Microsoft Store by the end of 2017 but until now we have not seen this happen. Once iTunes is up to the Microsoft Store, Windows 10 S users who are in Windows S-Mode will be able to install and use the application.

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