The iPhone X Manufacturing Costs Only 370$

The iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone Apple has ever released. According to IHS Markit consulting , it is also more expensive to manufacture: the cost of parts is estimated at $ 370.25 for the 64GB model.

For comparison, the iPhone 8 Plus with the same storage capacity costs $ 288.08 to be manufactured. In turn, each unit of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has $ 302 in parts.

Of course, these figures do not include research and development spending, software, salaries, advertising, or taxes. It is just the total of the parts values, also known as Bill of Materials (BOM).

For iPhone X, this is the list:

  • canvas: US $ 110.00
  • carcass: US $ 61.00
  • Cameras: US $ 35.00
  • Face sensors ID: US $ 16.70
  • processor: US $ 27,50
  • RAM and flash memory: US $ 33.45
  • Battery: US $ 6.00
  • Power controllers, including wireless charging: $ 14.25
  • baseband: US $ 18.00
  • Radio Frequency: US $ 16.60
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi : $ 7.35
  • audio codec, NFC and other sensors: $ 12.40
  • cable, adapter, headset, charger and box: $ 12.00

The Face ID sensor has several components. The infrared camera is provided by Sony and Foxconn, while the illuminator uses a component from Texas Instruments, and the projector – which puts invisible spots on your face – is made by Finisar and Philips.

In turn, the OLED panel is made by Samsung. According to the IHS, it will provide about 67 million units to Apple just this year. DisplayMate, known for analyzing phones and monitors, says this is the best smartphone screen ever tested.

This iPhone Costs Rs1.06Lacs in India (256gb) and Rs89,000(64gb) variant.

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