Calm Down, You Are Not Getting The Coronavirus from Chinese Packages

It is a recent hot topic that’s causing enough anxiety. We don’t even have the heart to lead with a question, hence we will get right to the point. It is always possible you might get the coronavirus. However, you are not getting the Coronavirus from Chinese Packages.

In case you thought about it amidst all the coronavirus news then we don’t blame you. The idea of a global flu pandemic is really discouraging. Immediately thinking about whether or not all those knock-offs Amiibos you ordered off Alibaba are going to kill you is a perfectly valid concern.

Over at Tom’s Hardware, they also wanted to know if a package shipped from China could infect you with the coronavirus or not. They did the leg work to find out. Here’s what Dr Amesh A. Adalja from the John Hopkins Center for Health Security has told about it:

“I guess that even with overnight shipping, the transit conditions are not conducive to the virus remaining viable, given that it takes a special combination of environmental conditions for a virus to remain viable.

Generally, lack of UV exposure, specific temperatures, specific humidity, et cetera that is not possible in shipping.”

Adalja explains. “Overnight packages are not how this virus will transmit, and I think the concern is completely misplaced.”

Dr Adalja does not worry about Chinese packages and for the record, the CDC is not the matter either. So rest easy knowing whatever loot you have been ordering from China is not going to arrive with both an international postmark and a complimentary trip to the hospital.

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