Microsoft’s Unified Office App Is Now Available for Android Phones

The time has come to empty out the “Microsoft Office” folder on your phone. The new Microsoft’s Unified Office App basically combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Sticky Notes into a neat little package is now available for Android phones.

Microsoft’s Unified Office App

This new Office app was first unveiled as a public beta in November of last year. It is reminiscent of the old Google Drive app. The app brings all of your documents together in one place, and also provides a convenient launching point for Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, without the need for separate apps.

Microsoft’s Unified Office App automatically syncs with your Microsoft account, it even syncs Sticky Notes. It also provides some handy mobile features, like PDF scanning, PDF signing, and local file transfers.

Similar to Google Drive, the new Office app makes it easy to switch between Microsoft accounts on the fly. App also sports a super clean design, and it can connect to a handful of cloud storage services, including Dropbox and SharePoint.

However, still, we are not entirely sure what Microsoft plans to do with the new Office app. Will it be able to slowly replace the independent Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps. Or else, it is just meant to work as a quick hub for editing documents, transferring files, and scanning PDFs?

Microsoft also has not released a tablet-specific UI for the new Office app yet. It is still locked into Apple’s TestFlight program on iOS.

It seems like that the company is focused on providing a suite of apps for its upcoming Android flagship, the Surface Duo—though it will come out of beta on iOS eventually.

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Now you can download the new Microsoft’s Unified Office App through the Google Play Store.

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