[MWC 2018] Nokia 8110 (1996) Vs. Nokia 8110 4G: The Return Of The “Banana” Version 2.0

 If you are a fan of Nokia certainly can not ignore the legendary 8110 has caused the world to have a fever for a long time. Twenty years later at MWC 2018, Nokia revived the “banana phone” with version 2.0 called Nokia 8110 4G.

Keeping the same curved design and unique sliding keyboard, the Nokia 8110 4G is a great upgrade. In addition to owning the numeric keypad and navigational keys located below the slider, one of the biggest changes is that the external antenna has been removed. Instead, the microUSB port and the headphone jack are added to make it feel more useful and modern, and the microphone is designed closer to the mouth than the original. The new version is also much thinner than the old one, which can be neatly folded into the bag.

 The Nokia 8110 4G features a 2.4-inch color screen with a slim profile incorporating a 2MP camera, LED lighting and integrated 4G connectivity for today’s essential applications such as Facebook or Twitter, The reduced size, increased screen and improved make the slider easier to make sure users will be very satisfied with the 8110 version 2.

 A minus sign for this device comes from the slider bar. This is the inherent weakness of the 8110 series, with a thin plastic sheet on both sides of the keyboard that would definitely not make the user completely comfortable. The device will be available in May for $97.

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