Samsung Galaxy S6 May Be Upgraded To Android Oreo In February 2018

Samsung is working hard to bring the Oreo Android 8.0 update to its most advanced models. Currently, beta versions of Oreo firmware have been released for Galaxy S8 and S8 + users, and not only that, users of the older Galaxy S6 models will also be delighted to receive the Samsung Galaxy S3.

 In a technical support article from Samsung that was shared on the popular Reddit forum, representatives of the company confirmed that the last major OS update for the Galaxy S6 will be Android 8.0 Oreo and the time users are welcomed. The latest upgrade will be available in February 2013. This is a very happy news if not to say “quite shocked” when Samsung decided to launch a major operating system upgrade to a three-year-old device as the Galaxy S6.

 Still, many people are still skeptical about the fact that newer smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have not been upgraded to Oreo and there is no information related to it. upgrade plan. However, the time of February 2018 is not far away and therefore we do not need to wait too long to be confirmed information that representatives of Samsung have revealed.

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