Snapdragon 845 Benchmark Score: Graphics Performance Surpasses iPhone X

 The Snapdragon 845 will be the flagship product of Qualcomm in 2018. The chip will be available on the latest flagship devices from Android carriers, such as the Galaxy S9, S9 +.

Compared to previous generations, Snapdragon 845 is also made on a new 10nm process, which gives it better performance but uses less power. The following table compares the components of the Snapdragon 845 and Snapdragon 835.

 In the new generation, the company has focused on image development when applying a lot of new technology. Qualcomm insists that “the use of the new spectral technology with Adreno’s new graphics processor is designed on a new architecture that will increase the ability to handle image tasks up to 30% over the generation. Predecessor.”

According to Snapdragon 845 benchmark, the new Qualcomm chip has improved performance by 20-40% in handling graphics tasks, with some testing outperforming the Apple A11 Bionic on the iPhone X, but consumes less power. This shows that the technology that Qualcomm uses for this chip is extremely modern and efficient.

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