Microsoft Launches Surface Book 2 With 128GB Of Memory, Priced At Less Than $300

 Surface Book 2 is a high-end laptop from Microsoft. Therefore, the price of the machine is also very high compared to other Windows 10 devices on the market.

Previously, the Surface Book 2 cheapest version will cost up to $1499. But today, Microsoft has suddenly sold a 128GB version of the memory of this model and help users save $300.

In addition to internal memory, the other specifications of the Surface Book 2 will not have too many changes. In addition, the user can extend the internal memory for this laptop via the USB port available on the machine. So, Microsoft’s job is likely to help the company sell more devices in the near future.

The cheapest version of the Surface Book 2 will come with a 13.5-inch screen, an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. However, 128GB of internal memory will not appear when you choose Core i7 processor. Also, the new memory option will not appear when you select a 15-inch screen version.

Currently, readers can purchase a new 128GB of memory or other versions of the device under the link below:

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