What is ‘Smart Screenshots’ a new Feature from Google

Google’s new feature Smart Screenshots makes it easier for users to search using screenshots taken via the Google Lens. This feature comes with lens integration system. Kindly follow this post to know more about this new feature from Google.

The new ‘Smart Screenshots’ feature was discovered by 9To5Google inside the latest version of the Google app (10.61) after examining the code. A Google app 10.61 APK teardown which was conducted by 9to5Google suggests that a feature called Smart Screenshots is in the works.

Google Lens is a powerful search tool from Google to read barcodes. It also reads QR codes, translate text on-the-fly, do optical character recognition (OCR). It can even search for similar-looking products. Based on some digging, Google could be combining Lens with the ‘Edit & Share screenshots’ menu to allow searching with screenshots using Lens.

Smart Screenshots combines the features of Google Lens and editing screenshots in a new toolbar. After taking a screenshot, the toolbar will display the regular edit, share and your favourite app to share the image.

Once a screenshot is taken then there will be multiple buttons that will pop up on the screen. Moreover, the Lens icon appears in the toolbar to enable this feature.

According to the reports after a screenshot is taken, Smart Screenshots will be able to easily call Lens. Then it will take advantage of Search whether it’s for OCR or finding visually-similar items.

But still, this feature is not yet live for users. There is also no official confirmation from the company. Till now it is not clear how exactly this feature is going to be implemented.

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The introduction of Smart Screenshots will continue to prove the potential and flexibility of Lens. We are still not sure whether this is going to be a system-wide feature or only while using the Google app.

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