6 Secret Links That Google Uses To Track And Collect User Information

 Google is a big company, so they have provided a lot of useful utilities and tools for users. Of course, they have the right to store all data and activities of users on the Internet as well as their lives. Here are six secret links that Google uses to track and collect user information.

1. Usernames and Passwords

Google stores all server usernames and passwords when you enter your account information and passwords to a website through Google Chrome or your Android device.
Click the below link to access Usernames stored by Google.

In case, if you forget your Google account credentials then you can bypass that lock by Google account manager apk download.

2. Download all data from your Google account

If you would like to download your data from Google products such as Gmail inbox, YouTube video, Google Keep notes, Google photos, etc … then you can visit the link below:

3. Google tracks user location

Maybe you do not know? Google keeps track of your location with the help of the Android operating system and the Google Maps app on your device. Google will store information about your location and real-life travel. You can check your entire location history by visiting the link below:

4. Sign up for a Gmail account without the @ gmail.com syntax.

If you would like to sign up for a Gmail account but do not want to use an ID with the @ gmail.com syntax, you can visit the link below to change it. mail to another syntax. For example: user@blog.edu.vn

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5. Google saves all user search information

Whether you search on Google, YouTube using voice commands or search for keywords, Google still saves data on your server.

6. Google tracks the location of your

Google device to help users locate their Android device in the event of a lost or stolen device, as long as the device has an Internet connection. It allows to ring on the device and erase data remotely.

Although Google collects a lot of user data, it’s a useful search engine without any tools that can be replaced. What’s your opinion?

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