[CES 2018] This is Gemini – The Ultra-Compact Laptop That Supports Both Android And Linux

Recently at CES 2018, Startup technology Planet Computers launched Gemini. This is a “laptop” running the Android operating system and designed to make users remember the Sony VAIO P model.

 Gemini owns the folding design with 18: 9 screen with 1080p resolution. Powering the machine will be a 10-core Helio X27 processor and 4GB of RAM. It also has a 4220mAh battery, two USB C ports, 15.1mm thickness and weighs 308grams.

 When sold, the Gemini will include two versions that support 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi. In addition to Android, the device can also boot with the Linux operating system to bring more customization. The price of the machine will fall into about $ 399 and will soon be shelved in the near future.

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