DiskDigger: App Allows You To Recover Deleted Photos From Your Phone Memory

Among best practices for protecting important files, we recommend synchronizing sending a backup with a cloud storage service. But unfortunately accidents can happen, and the files can be deleted before the backup has been made.

About the app

The DiskDigger Recovery Photos is available for download from the Play Store. The free version allows you to perform a general scan on your phone’s internal memory and memory card. After verification, the content will be presented as an image gallery, to retrieve the chosen files follow the steps described below:

1 – Run DiskDigger.

2 – Select the desired files and touch the “Restore” button.

3 – Tap the “Check” button to verify that the file has been saved correctly.

  The process is complete but it is worth noting that the app’s efficiency for recovery will depend on how long the files have been erased and the amount of new files saved in memory.

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