Like The Macbook Lite Touch Bar? Here’s How To Get It On Android

Apple introduced the Touchbar-integrated MacBook Pro back in 2016. This is a great matter which is solely exclusive to MacBook only.  Like the Macbook Lite Touch Bar? here’s how to get it on Android.

The Macbook Lite Touch Bar provides quick access so that various system settings can be controlled which is greatly appreciated by the users. The XDA developers who are also known as ‘alecot18’ has developed this app called Touchbar.

The Android App of Touch Bar will also impersonate the control centre that is available on Android smartphones. There are also certain methods with the help of which you can get the MacBook like Touch Bar.

The Touch Bar application is not only of free download but it is also available on both Rooted and non-Rooted devices. TouchBar for Android is a bottom bar inspired from TouchBar for iOS.

Here’s How To Get The Macbook Like Touch Bar On Android –

It is a very simple and easy method which can be done by following these simple steps:

Step 1: First of all, open the drawer of the Android App and go to Settings.

Step 2: Then, go to Security. After that go to Unknown Sources and enable it from there.

Step 3: Now download and install the Touch Bar for Android. You can download Touch Bar from Google Play Store.

Step 4: After that, open the App. There you need to grant three permissions over there. These three permissions are that of Overlay, Write System Settings and Do Not Disturb Access.

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Step 5: To activate the TouchBar on Android, you will have to enable Activate TouchBar.

After following all these steps and enabling the Touch Bar, you can also customize it according to your needs. The length and height can be adjusted and custom shortcuts can also be adjusted and added to the touch bar according to the need.

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