Check Your iPhone 6s And Know If You Can Get A Free Replacement Battery From Apple

Apple has officially confirmed it will conduct free battery replacement for all customers using the iPhone 6s stick collapsed error sources. This alternative will be implemented globally. If your iPhone 6s has been down for an unknown reason even though the battery is still more than 50%, it’s likely that the model will be replaced by Apple’s free battery under this program.

As reported by Apple, the collapse of the iPhone 6s occurred only with a very small number of iPhone 6s produced between September 2015 and October 2015. All customers who own the iPhone 6s manufactured during this period will be replaced by new free batteries, but the question is how can you determine if your device is infringing? This program or not?

Apple has released a dedicated support page for this program called iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues. Please visit this page and enter the serial number of the device and then click Submit to confirm. If the result returned is “The iPhone 6s serial number you enter is eligible for this program.”, Then you can contact Apple’s warranty center for a replacement battery. To find the serial number of your device, go to Settings> General> About.

Apple recommends that you take three steps before carrying your new battery charger:

  • Back up data via iTunes or iCloud.
  • Turn off Find my iPhone mode.
  • Delete all data available on your device at Settings> General> Reset> Erase all Content and Settings.

In case the device is sent to replace the battery, there will be additional damages such as a broken screen or broken case. Apple will charge separately for repairing, replacing the items before They renew the battery for your device. In Vietnam, please contact Apple Customer Support: 18001127 (press 1) for direct support.

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