Google Chrome Has Enabled The Ability To Permanently Mute The Sound On Annoying Websites

 Google has released the latest version of Chrome for the user experience, comes with many interesting features. In particular, the most popular feature is to permanently turn off video or spontaneous music on the website when accessed.

Some sites have bothered users by playing videos automatically every time they visit. Instead of feeling annoyed and having to find a video that automatically plays to turn off, you just right click on the Mute site tab. The Mute site replaces the Mute tab, allowing users to permanently block incoming audio from web pages they visit.

 In addition, Google has added HDR support to Windows users in Chrome 64. However, to use this feature you must upgrade to Windows 10 with Fall Creators update and must have screen and graphics card compatible with HDR. The latest version of Chrome also disables the SharedArrayBuffer feature to protect Mac and Windows users from hacking and is affected by Meltdown and Specter security breaches.

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