How to Export Contacts from an Excel Worksheet to Outlook

You can easily export and import your contact details stored in an Excel Worksheet into Outlook. Once the Excel file saves in the CSV format, you can then easily import it into your Outlook contacts list. Here’s how to export contacts from an Excel Worksheet to Outlook.

1. First Save Your Contacts as a CSV File

The contacts list below shown is stored in an Excel worksheet. Make sure your Excel spreadsheet is labelled in a similar fashion.

To export the document as a CSV  firstly Tap “File” to open the menu. Next, select Save As > Browse.


Specify the location for the saved file on your computer and then select “CSV (Comma Delimited)” from the Save as Type list. c After that click the “Save” button.

After that close the Excel workbook. The contacts are now ready to import into Outlook.


2. Secondly Import Contacts from a CSV File into Outlook

Firstly open Outlook and then click on “File” to open the menu. From there, select Open & Export > Import/Export.

After that, select “Import from Another Program or File” and then Tap the “Next” button.

Now highlight the “Comma Separated Values” option and then Tap the “Next” button.

Then, select the “Browse” button to find the CSV file you want to import.

From there choose an option for how you would like Outlook to handle duplicate contact details and click the “Next” button.

In this example given, “Replace Duplicates with Items Imported” is selected. This will basically update the existing contacts in Outlook with the latest contact details.

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Now select the destination folder for the imported contacts and then Tap the “Next” button. The destination folder will probably be the Contacts folder, but it could be a different folder that can also store contact details.

Make sure to select the action to import your contacts list into Outlook.

Tap the “Map Custom Fields” button. This will enable us to correctly match up the column headers from the Excel spreadsheet to the corresponding fields given in Outlook.

In the Map Custom Fields Window, the fields from the CSV file will appear in the “From” pane on the left. In the “To” pane on the right, the fields from the Contacts folder in Outlook are as shown.

Any fields that have already been successfully matched are listed under the “Mapped From” column on the right side.

The Email Address field did not match. To fix this, just click and drag the Email Address field from the left to the right. Doing this will map the field. Then Tap the “OK” button to proceed.

A window might appear to show how the import progress.

Congratulations! the contacts should now have been successfully got imports into Outlook. We hope now you can easily export contacts from an Excel Worksheet to Outlook.

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