What Are The Reviews People Give About Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL

Reviews For Pixel 2 And Pixel 2 XL

Although the possibility of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL coming to India is minimal, it is important to see how the new Google flagships are doing in reviews . They have better cameras and other hardware upgrades such as water resistance and a feature of squeezing the sides of the device to trigger Google Assistant.

And what do the reviews of Pixel 2 say? Overall, both Google releases remain very good at what they already did well, such as taking great photos and delivering great performance, but there are still some slips in battery and design.

Design does not impress, but is ergonomic

The main difference is that now Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are more … different. In the previous generation, the screen and battery were the only changes from one cell to another. Now, they do not look so much, after all, they are made by different companies. HTC makes the Pixel 2 and LG makes the Pixel 2 XL, which not only has a larger screen but also fewer side edges.

According to Dieter Bohn of The Verge , this design gives the impression that the Pixel 2 is made of plastic, but also helps the phone to have more ergonomics. “Google took what could have been a visually stunning design and covered it in the name of ergonomics. They literally made a metal phone look like a plastic one, “he says.

Another slide in the design was the speakers on the front of the unit. The Verge said this detail makes the highest and less stylish mobile; the Engadget agrees. “Although the edges fit for something this time, they still make Pixel 2 look and feel like an outdated phone,” says Chris Velazco.

And the feature of squeezing the cell phone, borrowed from the HTC U11? David Pierce of Wired was annoyed by the news. When he left the sensitivity at a minimum, Google Assistant was accidentally triggered in his pocket. When he had increased it, he had to press his cellphone hard enough for the command to be recognized. “I’m sure there’s a middle ground somewhere, but I have not found it yet,” he said.

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Sam Rutherford, of Gizmodo , has mixed feelings about this tight phone. For him, a new way of interacting with the cell phone is welcome, but Google repeated Samsung’s mistake with the Bixby button: it is not possible to change the command, which only activates the wizard. Rutherford said he preferred a more customizable function.

The lack of input for headphones was also criticized in all the reviews . “To be fair, Google has worked with some wireless headset manufacturers to improve the Bluetooth pairing process … but the trend [of taking the 3.5mm input] is still revolting.” Says  Engadget .

The criticism, thickened by The Verge , comes mainly because the Pixel 2 does not come with headphones in the box, only a USB-C adapter for 3.5 mm connector.

Camera is great but not perfect

And the camera, which took 98 points in DxOMark, known for analyzing smartphone cameras? It remains excellent, but has paler colors and slides in low light when compared to competitors.

“Pixel 2 photos are much sharper than iPhone 8 and Note 8 – even in some cases. […] When you look at all the images side by side, it is undeniable that those of Samsung’s cell phone are extremely supersaturated; the iPhone 8 has more natural shots, while Pixel 2 makes it look smoother, “says The Verge .

The Gizmodo brings some pictures to serve as an example:

“While the image of the Galaxy S8 is good, […] Pixel 2 made a better picture, capturing a richer orange and more details on the gnarled [pumpkin] stems,” said Sam Rutherford of the above image.

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“This is fiercer, but I give Pixel a small advantage because although the colors of the iPhone 8 are richer, Pixel 2 has avoided bursting the objects at the bottom of the photo,” he continued.

But in the dark, the iPhone wins. “Even Pixel 2’s HDR + can not save,” says Rutherford. According to Gizmodo , scenes with low illumination “are where the hardware of the Pixel 2 reaches its limit, resulting in smoother images, with no details [ie, less sharp] and usually with more noise than you would normally find in your competitors “.

Portrait mode, however, is a differential – even more so if you consider that none of the Pixel smartphones have two cameras.

“The difference here is that Google is much better at computerized recognition,” picking up “Dual Pixel sensor depth data,” evaluates Dieter Bohn of The Verge . “Google’s ability in machine learning means Pixel 2 portrait mode images do a better job of trimming hair than the iPhone 8 or Note 8,” he adds.

Great performance, not too good battery

There’s not much of a secret in performance: both are “incredibly fast,” according to Engadget . “Part of that speed is clearly thanks to the high-end Snapdragon that Google has put [in the Pixel], but the credits are also for some performance optimizations under the hood,” says Chris Velazco.


The Verge agrees: “In addition to prefer [the pure Android] aesthetically, I realized that Google ‘s Android version tends to run better than Samsung or LG.”

And the battery? It is not very good on Pixel 2, because it is “significantly smaller” than Pixel 2 XL. “In our tests, the battery of the Pixel 2 lasted only 8 hours and 59 minutes, 15 minutes less than the 9:12min of the Galaxy S8 and more than two hours less than the 11:17min mark of the Pixel 2 XL,” Gizmodo .

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Engadget’s Chris Velazco had another experience; for him, the battery of the two models was enough to encourage more than a day. “You’re probably able to increase the range for a day and a half if you use your smartphone in moderation,” especially if you’re using the Pixel 2 XL. The larger model holds up to two days, according to Velazco.

The best Android of the year, again

Overall, the evaluation of Google’s new smartphones was very good. “I firmly assert that Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are the best Androids I’ve ever used (and I’ve used several). While I disagree with some Google decisions, something special happens when a company as smart as Google takes the reins of how their vision of smartphones should be realized, “concludes Engadget .

Gizmodo’s review was tougher, criticizing the design and battery of Pixel 2. “The second generation Pixel XL is beautiful in a simple and firm way […]. Meanwhile, the common Pixel 2 looks like it’s been overlooked, “says Sam Rutherford.

David Pierce, from Wired, fired praise for both smartphones. “Like last year, Pixel 2 is the smartphone that strikes in every respect. It has the best, smarter and more reliable software. It is fast and waterproof. […] Okay, he has no headphone jack, which is bad. But Pixel 2 is still the cell phone I would recommend, “he says.

“Last year, I said that the first Google Pixel was the best cell phone on the planet. I’m prone to stating this again, but only because the iPhone X [will] be released in two weeks, “Pierce added.

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