How to Dial an International Phone Number on an iPhone

It is quite a common problem. Generally, you have contact info for a person or business overseas, however, you don’t know how to give them a call from your iPhone. Here’s how to dial an International Phone Number on an iPhone.

Dial an International Phone Number on an iPhone

First of all, you’ll want to check your mobile phone plan for international service. However, some mobile phone plans do not include international calling. In case that’s the case then do consider buying a prepaid international phone card from a vendor such as

Moreover, some phone plans might add an extra charge for international calls. Make sure to understand any possible charges before you place a call.

When you’re ready to make a call simply unlock your iPhone and launch the Phone app.

Next click on the Keypad button to switch to keypad mode.

Then click and hold your finger on the “0” key.

As you hold your finger on the zero key, the 0 in the dialling area changes into a plus sign (“+”).

Now enter the phone number on the keypad starting with the country calling code, and then press the green call button.

International telephone numbers usually include a country calling code much like an area code)that tells the phone system how to direct the call. Each country is assigned its own unique code like “49” for Germany, as shown in the example here), and it’s usually the first digit or group of digits at the beginning of the phone number.

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The call will be placed now, speak as usual on the iPhone and enjoy your call!

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