Check Out The Google Pixel 4 Leaked Promo Video And Specifications

The Tech Giant Google is going to soon launch The Google Pixel 4 very soon. Here’s all you need to know about the device before the official launch. Follow this article to Check Out The Google Pixel 4 Leaked Promo Video And Specifications.

The Key Highlights of The Google Pixel 4  From Leaked Promo Video :

1. The leaked video shows Tips Air Gestures and new Assistant features
2. The video also shows off the Pixel 4 in a new white colour
3. Separate, Leaked Live Shots Show Pixel 4 XL in White
4. The video shows an Improved Night Photography.

Google Pixel 4 is one of the most anticipated phones of 2019. As we get closer to the launch of this Google smartphone, leaks are getting stronger by the day.

We have been getting lots of new leaks about the device in recent times. The promotional video from Google shows some of the highlight features of the Pixel 4 series on Youtube.

The leaked video shows new Pixel 4 with the air gestures with new Google Assistant features. The video shows improvements to its Night Sight camera feature. Also, new live images of the Pixel 4 XL that made their way to Reddit.

On Reddit, images show the bigger phone in black and new white colour trim. There is also a reminiscent of the black and white ‘panda’ colour on the Pixel 2 XL on Reddit.

The Spanish tech website ProAndroid posted a video of Google Pixel 4. The website claims that one of its readers shared video through Facebook. The new leaked video is like captured on a phone. As the focus is not very sharp but it is clear enough to make out what’s going on.

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“the Google way” is the new tagline of Google Pixel 4. We get the first glimpse at the air gestures in action after 12 seconds into the video. A music track being played on the phone in the video which is being followed by a right-swipe hand gesture that changes the track.

We also get a demo of the new Google Assistant features which was earlier shown at Google I/O this year. The new assistant allows you to give multiple, related commands to the Assistant in quick succession, which also works with Google’s native apps now.

The demo in the promotional video shows a person asking Assistant to “show me photos of Tokyo,” quickly followed by “the ones with food.” You can now share a particular photo with contact along with a message just by simply using voice commands.

It looked really seamless in the video and we cannot wait for more to check it out ourselves how it actually works.

Now coming to the cameras of Pixel 4 according to the leaked video. We could not get in what the second sensor in the Pixel 4 series is actually for it only focuses on the low light photography.

We are sure it is about Google’s Night Sight feature with some new adjustment and improvements that come with the Pixel 4.

There is also a quick demo of the camera shooting a portrait in the low light and camera is pointed at the night sky in the leaked video. A recent leak also hinted at an improved Night Sight feature and a Motion Mode in the device.

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But it is still not clear how to use these features. The promotional video ends by stating that the Pixel 4 is “more than a phone” and that it’s a phone “made the Google way.”

We see Pixel 4  in a white back, black sides and contrasting coloured power button in the last scene of the video. This is the first time we are going to see Pixel 4 in this colour after the earlier two.

A bunch of live shots of the Pixel 4 XL have also made its way to Reddit. The images show the Pixel 4 XL in the all-back trim and white and black trim.

The phones seem to have a fresh set up as the home screen has the “Welcome to your new Pixel” message above the weather widget. The final live shot from the promo video shows the phone’s always-on display, with the date, time, weather, and notification icons.

If all the features are true according to the leaked promotional video of Google Pixel 4, We have a good idea about how will it look. We can expect the Tech giant to officially unveil the device in the next month.

Although we are still not sure about many things of device. We surely can’t wait for the official launch of these Google smartphone and know about its features.

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