How To Pin Live Score On Your Android Homescreen

When it comes to cricket, die-hard cricket lovers are always eager to know the live scores. They are always on the go to know the live scores no matter which sport is it. Here’s how to pin live score on your Android homescreen.

Watching live cricket matches is a great urge among many cricket fans all over the world. You can support your favourite sports team by simply sitting in one place or even in the middle of your busy schedule. It also made watching live scores completely hassle-free.

Simply it is the case with all sports lovers from all over the world. The sports fanatics are always eager to know the live scores during the World Cup. Most of the people have introduced a live score app as unable to watch live matches due to lack of time. Google introduces Pin Live Score feature to tackle this problem

What Is Pin Live Score Feature?

Pin Live Score is a great feature for all the sports lovers which makes tracking match scores a lot easier for sports lovers. In case you have a tendency to continuously refresh the Google search page for the updated score, you will find this feature very useful.

You can track the score continuously for any of your favourite sports. Live score is pinned on the Android home screen itself. It is quite as same as the floating chat bubbles that one gets to see on the Facebook messenger. The scores are also displayed as a floating bubble on the screen.

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How To  Pin Live Score On Your Android Homescreen

First of all, you need to check if there is a live match going on at present. After that, you need to follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Firstly open the Google Chrome browser on your Android Smartphone.

Step 2: Then, type the name of the countries of the ongoing match.

Step 3: While typing, choose from the game that is going on, then you just have to type on the Pin Live Score Button.

Step 4: After doing this, you can see the pinned live score. It is on your Home screen. You can also then move the pinned score to whatever location you feel like moving it to.

Step 5: To get detailed information about the ongoing match, you will just have to tap on the Pinned Live Score. Then, it will provide you with all the detailed that you will be requiring the match that will go on.

So this is how you can view the Pin Live Score on your Android smartphone. It has really made viewing scores a lot easier and convenient. You will never miss on your sports updates be it you are in office, meeting, College or out somewhere.

Your little android smartphone will be simply enough to give you the live scores at regular intervals. You will also no longer have to continuously refresh the Google search page to update the scores. It is much appreciated by all sports lovers all over the world.

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