How To Quick Search Your Photos Using Google Photos

You have used Google Photos before many times that’s for sure. But now you can perform quick search your photos using Google Photos app. You can find photos quickly by searching for specific words and you can even copy or paste the text.

When you take screenshots on the daily, the photos get easily flooded in your phone. Its gets harder for you to find any particular picture that you are looking for. But now you don’t have to lose your mind searching for that screenshot you took.

Google Photos search tool is a new feature that let you search for pictures with text in them. This makes you quickly find what you’re looking for and you can also copy and paste the text when you find it.

This new tool makes it easier for users to find the picture quickly. The picture may be of a recipe you saved, a funny meme you screenshotted or your bank account number, can be of anything else. You can also use this app to pinpoint a photo that you have taken of a Wi-Fi password, business card or phone number.

This feature is completely powered by Google Lens. Google’s image-searching software is available in Google Photos for Android and iPhone at the price of $1,000 at Amazon. This search tool is still rolling out. In case, you could not find the search tool and keep checking daily. You have to also make sure that your app is up to date.

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Here’s how to Quick search your photos using Google Photos :

1. First of all, Go to the Google Photos app.

2. Then tap on the search bar and type what are you looking for. For example, if you took a screenshot in Yelp service or Google Maps of a coffee shop you want to try, just type coffee or the name of the business.

3. Once Google has spotted the image for you then tap on it.

4. Click on the Google Lens button on the bottom of the screen. It is a square with a dot in the centre.

5. After that Google will highlight all of the text in the photo. Just Tap on the words you want to copy.

6. Then, Select Copy text.

7. Now you can paste the text wherever you need to, like in the messages app or in a browser app.

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